Modern Day Hairspray!

Siempre nos imaginamos el Hairspray como algo Old school and Outdated – Not any more!

Beauty Pros Show Us New Modern Ways To Use Hairspray! -Gracias Al fin!


If you see a can of hairspray and picture elaborate updos and coiffed vintage styles that don’t move, it’s time for a rewiring. Las latas de hairspray no sólo hacen esos peinados altos antiguos y duros, hacen mucho más!

“I always use hairspray,” sdice Guido during Paris Fashion Week. “It’s always there, even when I want softness and a little sheen, like at McQueen.

Very rarely do we spray the whole head so everything is rigid and flattened.” Most women, Guido acknowledges, generally are not going to do the Marc Jacobs Spring ’16 look and try to hold all their hair up with a product.

  • Instead of pointing the can directly at your head, try spraying the product into your hands and rubbing them together to create hold, then running them through a blowout for a finish that isn’t sticky.
  • Brush out hot rollers or waves with a paddle brush whose bristles have been given a coating of hairspray to avoid flyaways and frizz all day. “I also use it to clean up damaged hair, to smooth and flatten split ends and baby hairs sticking up along the part.”