The BEST Dark Ombre Lips Ever!

The BEST Dark Ombré Lips Ever!

Because deep down we all got a bit of #Goth in us!


We’re not sure exactly how this trend of dark ombre lips come to be, did Halloween have something to do with the fierce new trend? You know, vamp lips and all … whatever, all we know is we are #OBSESSED!

There’s a lot of tutorials for this look, but we managed after a lot of reviewing (what else are besties for?) to come up with the top 3 tutorials that really stand out and deliver the best results!

BTW- on both videos shown here and probably in half of all the dark ombre lips tutorials they use the same lip pencil by MAC, Nightmoth, so we would suggest you better get it now, before they run out! Get it here.

Now try them and stand out with class in the amazing lip shade that’s here to stay! -at least for a while.


  1. AndreasChoice gives us a whole rundown on how to get the most perfect dark lips ever, with prep time and everything! #bae


2. AlexandrasGirlyTalk gives us a similar one with less prep time and more to the point! #OnFleek

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